The task of choosing a wedding band can be intimidating, especially when you are faced with so many options. You need to choose the right gemstone or diamond, and you need to decide on the best metal for you. We have found that it is much better to go through the process one step at a time.

Start by deciding the style of ring you want. Do you like simpler designs or more bling? Would you prefer to match the wedding band metal with your engagement ring? Do you like the idea of matching rings for you and your partner?

By making these three decisions, you have already narrowed down your search a great deal and your choice will be much easier.

You can now look at these wedding band styles and make your choice:


A yellow gold engagement ring needs a wedding band that properly flatters it. Some rings have both white and yellow gold and this makes them a great choice for people who love variety.

Stone Shapes

When it comes to stones, you should definitely consider going for a band with similar cut stone to that found in your engagement ring. When you do this, the two rings will look great because of harmony and uniformity.

For example, if you own a round solitaire engagement ring, a band with round diamonds would be a perfect choice.

Stone Colours

When it comes to coloured gemstones, you still want to go for a wedding band that features a stone of the same colour as your engagement ring so that they go well together. You want a wedding band that complements rather than competes with your engagement ring.

You may also consider balancing it out by alternating coloured gemstones and diamonds.

Perfect Match

Some brides will prefer going for wedding bands that were specifically designed to go with their engagement rings. If such a wedding ring is not available, you can still choose a wedding band whose shape and metal type matches your engagement ring well.

Complimentary Match

Even if your wedding band was not necessarily designed as a pair with your engagement ring, you can still find one that compliments it so well that it works as a set. The wedding band should not compete with the center stone of your engagement ring but it should complement it instead.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Finding just the perfect band to go with your engagement ring can take a bit of patience. To be on the safe side, you want to start looking no less than two months before your wedding.

This gives you enough time to find the perfect wedding band for you. You will have enough time to think about your decision. In case you decide to go for custom designed rings, you will still have time to get this done.

The perfect fit

When purchasing a wedding band, it is also important to consider how you would like the wedding band to fit next to your engagement ring. Most wedding bands will fit next to an engagement ring in one of three ways.


Flush Wedding Band

A flush fit is when your engagement ring and wedding band sit together seamlessly on your finger without any gap between them. Due to the elevated diamond center, many classic engagement ring styles will sit flush with a flush fit wedding band.


Straight Wedding Band

Even though a straight band will not sit flush to an engagement ring with a large head or a low center setting, it could still be aesthetically appealing to some people.


Shadow Wedding Band

If you own an engagement ring with a large or low gallery head, a shadow band is a great choice as it is often made to conform to the profile of the engagement ring. This style of wedding band is also known as curved or contoured wedding ring.

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