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What If The Ring Is A Surprise For Your Partner? – Find Your Ring Size

In this case, you’re going to have to do a little detective work to find out your partner’s ring size. Here are a few helpful tips to find your Ring Size:

  • Ask one of her friends- and swear them to secrecy.
  • Borrow one of her rings and trace inside of it on a piece of paper- bring that with you to a jeweller and get them to measure it or download our online Printable Ring Sizer to measure it at home.
  • Take your partner ring shopping, but tell her you’re on the hunt for a present for your mom or sister. Encourage her to try on a ring and pay attention to the size.

If you have to guess, remember that it is easier to resize a ring down than up, so pick a larger size than you think she really is.

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