Ramzi & Co. Conflict-Free Diamond Policy

Simply put – we have zero tolerance for conflict diamonds. Thankfully, there are some systems in place that help us ensure all of the diamonds at Ramzi & Co. are conflict-free and ethically sourced.

Because we have long term relationships with respected suppliers of high-quality gemstones, we know they also strive to ensure all of the diamonds sold to us are conflict-free.

Ethically sourced diamonds actually contribute to the economy of many African nations and we are networked with mines in Australia, Russia, and Canada as well.

Unfortunately, there is a standing tradition of conflict and unethical processes in the diamond trade in Zimbabwe. Ramzi & Co. is committed to do no harm in the diamond market, and therefore, we do not sell diamonds that come from Zimbabwe at this time.

We hope the international climate will change soon to enable the world to ethically enjoy diamonds from all over the world. Until that time, we endeavour to be as cautious as possible.

The Kimberley Process

The Kimberley Process is an international process to track diamonds from mine to market. Diamonds are certified to be in compliance which designates them as conflict-free.

The Kimberly Process directs participating states to meet minimum requirements which include legislation and import/export controls with extreme transparency. All participants must meet the minimum requirements in order to trade with other participants, thus perpetuating an environment of conflict-free diamonds.

KP certificates are issued to shipments of rough diamonds to guarantee that they are ethically sourced without human rights violations.

The Importance Of Responsible Mining

In every aspect of our business, we hold ourselves to a very high standard of quality. This not only applies to the look and character of the gems and diamonds we sell but also to our own character and those we do business with.

We extend this adherence to high standards to our company ethics. All of our precious metals, coloured gemstones and diamonds are sourced from responsible mining locations.

You Can Trust Ramzi & Co. To:

  • Do all we can to ensure that our coloured gems, diamonds and precious metals originate from suppliers that adhere to the highest levels of environmental, human rights, and social standards. Our GIA, IGI, and HRD certified diamonds comply with The Kimberly Process.
  • Work with our suppliers to positively influence the process of sourcing materials we ultimately purchase, including increased sourcing from recycled pieces.
  • Perform adequate and necessary research into the mining, refinement and manufacturing processes of coloured gems, diamonds and precious metals we come into contact with.
  • Do business first and foremost with suppliers that source precious metals, coloured gems and diamonds from mines that are in line with our high standards of environmental and human rights criteria.
  • Continue our role as a responsible buyer and seller of gold and precious metal jewellery while we make a positive impact on the industry.

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