Men admittedly have a much easier time choosing wedding rings. But it can still be complicated sometimes, especially for men who take their fashion choices seriously. Men still have a wide variety of metals, shapes, prices, and widths to choose from. And because a wedding band is something you hope to wear for the rest of your life, you want to make a good choice. Here is what you need to think about before you make a decision:


It is frustrating to find your perfect ring only to discover that it does not fit. Always search for rings in your size to save yourself a lot of trouble. At this point, you are probably wondering what your ring size is. The good news is, we have two options available for you to determine your ring size from the comfort of your own home:

  • Download our online Printable Ring Sizer. Once you print out the printable Ring Sizer, you just need to cut it out and pull it snugly around your ring finger to get an accurate reading of your ring size.
  • You can also order one of our Free Ring Sizers online and we will ship it to your preferred address.
If you go for a wider band, your band can be half a size bigger than your actual ring size as you’ll find that it fits much more comfortably.


Choose the width of your wedding band wisely. While some people consider wider wedding bands manlier, you want to go for a band that is comfortable and fits you well. A comfortable fit is more important than getting a wider band. Wider bands also cost more. Usually, narrowest bands are 4mmm wide and the widest rings are 8-9mmm wide. Your choice of band width should be determined by the size of your fingers and your budget. Go for what works for you. On average, more men go for 6mmm wide wedding bands.


Classic Bands

The classic wedding band in a single metal is so popular because of its elegance and simplicity. Plain yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold bands are practical, elegant, comfortable, and enduring choices for men.

Diamond Bands

Men who are a little more unconventional may want to go for men’s diamond wedding rings. Diamond wedding rings are flashier and often the diamond will be bead set or channel set into the band keeping them flush along the metal surface.

Carved Bands

Carved wedding rings for men enable men to deviate from the classic wedding band by going for carved bands. They are often designed with handmade carvings that give them a vintage appearance.


Men’s wedding rings come in a variety of classic profiles. You want to give this as much thought as your ring size because it matters for your comfort. Learn more about ring profiles.

Classic Court

Alternately known as a ‘court ring’ the classic or traditional court ring is, as its name suggests, the most common ring shape. It is a nearly round ring and easily the most comfortable as well as the most widely chosen shape by couples to create matching sets. It has a rounded interior that differentiates it from the D-shaped ring.



The D-shaped ring has a rounded outer profile just like the classic ring but has a flat interior that makes its design a lot slimmer and close fitting. This shape is good for you if you have an active lifestyle because it fits so snuggly and won’t easily slip. It looks a lot like the classic court ring but with a closer fit.



The flat ring is flat both on the inner and outer side, making it impractical for people who lead physically active lifestyles. It looks completely different from the classic court ring. If you work with your hands, you want to steer clear of the flat ring because it will probably snag on fabric or machinery. Flat interiors could be a more comfortable fit for some individuals, depending on the shape and size of their fingers.


Flat Court

For something that is not quite a flat ring and not quite a classic court ring, you could go for the flat court. Flat court rings have a rounded interior and a flat exterior and have now gained popularity with men. Its streamlined design makes it a better fit than both the classic court and the flat ring and it is less thick.


Bevelled Profile

If you are looking for something that grabs attention, go for the bevelled profile. This ring profile features a flat inner surface with a sharp, angled outer surface. The angles help to capture natural light and cause the ring to shine more brilliantly. Use the bevelled profile when you desire a wider wedding band that can accommodate the bevelled edges.


Concave Profile

A concave profile on a wedding band has a profound impact. This profile is comfortable because of its court profile-like inner surface. Concave profile shaped rings have a slight concave curve on the outer side. It offers relative comfort and best suited for men looking to get a custom designed ring made that fits perfectly around their ring finger. On the other hand, concave profile rings are harder to resize than other shapes.


Men are better off going for 14k gold or platinum because these are strong and durable metals compared to 18k gold. The classic metal for men’s wedding bands is yellow gold although white gold, as well as platinum, have been gaining popularity of late. For a more unique look, men can consider mixing yellow gold with white gold or rose gold with white gold. If you and your fiancée want to coordinate your rings, you will have to discuss the different metal choices together.


The texture of the surface of your ring is its finish and it makes up a major role in determining the overall style of the ring. As with any other aspect, there are a variety of options:

High Polish

If you are going for smooth and shine; that would be high polish. High polish is the most popular choice which looks great. The downside of a high polish ring is that scratches and scuff marks are more apparent. You will need to have it repolished from time to time to maintain its shiny look.


If you are going for a less shiny, more matte, and textured appearance, you want a brushed finish ring. Brushed finish rings are modern and not as high maintenance as high polished rings. Scratches and scuff marks are not nearly as visible on a brushed finish ring.


A hammered ring is quite striking in a rugged way. It looks like it was hammered into shape instead of smoothed down. This gives it a textured look and the hammer marks might look more conspicuous or not as conspicuous depending on the style of the ring.


Satin rings have a matte finish that looks more like a brushed finish, but the satin finish feels smooth to the touch while the brushed finish feels textured. Satin rings are popular with people who are searching for something less traditional.

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