What is Diamond Cut?

A diamond’s cut shows off its best feature: light refraction. Bling, sparkle, lustre- you know, that famous diamond flash. A well-cut diamond will shine brilliantly. This is why cut is considered the most important quality in the 4Cs rating system.

Understand that when choosing your diamond, a highly rated stone in all of the other criteria in the 4Cs may appear dull if it has a poor cut. We cannot stress how important this particular category of diamond pizazz cut is.


Deep Cut

When a diamond is too deep the entering light will hit the first pavilion sharply and hit the second pavilion at a low angle causing light to escape through the sides and bottom of the diamond.

Well Cut

When the diamond is well cut, it reflects the light to each pavilion at the correct angle causing light to reflect back to crown by producing maximum brilliance and fire


Shallow Cut

When the diamond is too shallow, the entering light will hit the pavilion at a low angle causing light to escape through the bottom of the diamond.

Diamond Cut Grade


Ideal/ Excellent

Ideal and Excellent cut diamonds radiate with magnificent sparkle, fire, and brilliance due to almost all of the incoming light is reflected through their table. They are graded by using a very particular set of specifications. Due to their excellent proportions, polish, and symmetry ratings, Ideal and Excellent cut diamonds are extremely valuable. They exhibit the maximum light reflection, brilliance, and fire.


Very Good

Very Good cut diamonds offer exceptional brilliance and fire. A large majority of the entering light reflects through the diamond’s table. They provide similar sparkle to those of Excellent cut grade diamonds and exceptional value for money.



Good cut grade diamonds reflect most of the light that enters them. Diamonds in this range offer excellent value for those who want to stay on a budget.


Fair/ Poor

A diamond graded as Fair or Poor cut reflects only a small proportion of the light that enters it and therefore offers very little brilliance. They tend to appear dull to the naked eye. (Not carried by Ramzi & Co.)

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