A diamond’s colour grade measures the pigment or tint of the stone with clear being the most desirable. The most clear, most desirable diamonds earn a grade of D while the least desirable earn a grade of Z.


D – F (Colourless)

Diamonds in this colour range do not have any visible yellowish or brownish tints. They are absolutely coloureless and rare. The most chemically pure diamonds of the D to Z range. Recommended set in platinum or white gold settings.


G – J (Near Colourless)

Diamonds in this colour range offer exceptional value for money. Their colour is often unnoticeable except by trained graders.


K – M (Faint Colour)

Diamonds in this colour range have a slight yellow tint that is detectable even to the unaided eye. Recommended set in yellow or rose gold settings to make the diamond appear less tinted. (Not carried by Ramzi & Co.)


N – R (Very Light Colour)

Diamonds in this colour range have a noticeable yellow or brown tint. These diamonds are much less valued than higher grades. (Not carried by Ramzi & Co.)


S – Z (Light Colour)

These diamonds appear distinctly yellow or brown but not so coloured to be considered “fancy” coloured diamonds. (Not carried by Ramzi & Co.)

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